Emma Barry

Emma Barry is a Global Fitness Authority fluent in what happens next in fitness. She advises the innovative edge of businesses in fit tech, well tech, and health tech. Emma is also Co-founder & Chief Creative Soul at Good Soul Hunting – an executive search brand specializing in purpose-driven health and wellness scale-ups.
Emma is an international bestselling author of www.buildingabadassboutique.com and keenly-courted-keynote and facilitator for business forums, trend panels, podcasts, and phygital events.
In past lives, Emma was a founding member of programming behemoth Les Mills International and Director for the luxury-lifestyle brand – Equinox. Emma’s cocktail of impatience with the status quo, infectious energy, and innovative flair unlocks and activates the greatness in others.
As a provocateur of ideas, Emma deals in the currency of people, passion, and purpose. She delights in digging for game-changing insights and setting souls on fire in stellar companies that are in a hurry to impart health and happiness to the world.
A kiwi living in LA and commuting to the UK/Europe, Emma’s is also partial to a Mojito.
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